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in-medicine/catalog/Emergency-Medicine/ST-Elevation-Myocardial-Infarction Eintrag gefunden am: 2019-12-31 16:59:10.468414 TEIN H, ORFANOS CE. Cutaneous T cell lymphoma and classic Hodgkin lymphoma of the B cell type within a single lymph node: composite lymphoma J Clin Pathol [online] 2004 Mar, 57(3): 329 -331 [viewed 24 October 2014] Available from: doi:10.1136/jcp.2003.011882 TRIGGER CC, EILBERT W. Irritant Contact Dermatitis from Jet Fuel West J Emerg Med [online] 2009 Aug, 10(3):203 ... letzter Eintrag gefunden am: 2020-01-17 03:34:50.468077
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, cytoplasmic vacuoles and brisk mitotic activity. Immunohistochemically, the lymphoid infiltrate was positive for CD45, CD20, CD10, and Bcl-6, consistent with a high grade non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma. The cells were negative for CD3, CD 5, Bcl-2 and TdT. The KI-67 proliferation index was positive in all tumor cells. Cytogenetic studies of the lymphoid infiltrate revealed translocation(8;14) involving c-myc/IgH genes on respective chromosomes. CT Abdomen Order There is a 4.2 × 4.1... letzter Eintrag gefunden am: 2019-12-22 20:15:34.870751
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