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verein – mg lyss when the music starts, the church changes colour related posts when the music starts, the church changes colour die mg lyss is back. with a new look, conductor, and repertoire. the first concert after the new start will take place on the first advent. the newspaper ’bieler tagblatt’ published an article on the new start of the mg lyss. Yves Chapuis | ...
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Link Statistik / Suche Suchresultate mit and in though, ’luckily, this kind of thing no longer happens today’. I have been proven wrong. The MG Lyss has to cancel all practices in its 150th anniversary year. Such a situation dem and s a lot of solidarity and innovation. Unlike in 1918, we can at least to continue the social aspects of our band and with virtual hang-outs and meetings. The MG Lyss wishes good health to all its members, fans and supporters. We hope to see Yves Chapuis | Anja Hämmerli | ...
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